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Biznesowy look od TMC – przedstawiamy produkty, które warto mieć w butiku

Biznesowy look od TMC – przedstawiamy produkty, które warto mieć w butiku

Wednesday, 30 September 2020
O co klientki pytają najczęściej jesienią? Październik to najlepszy czas na uzupełnianie jesiennej, biznesowej garderoby. Każda kobieta chce dobrze prezentować się po wakacjach i szuka modnych ubrań, w których zada szyku. W hurtowni internetowej Top Moda Collection oferujemy głównie ubrania casualowe. W naszej ofercie znajdzie się jednak także kilka bestsellerów...
Must have TMC – jesienne, długie kardigany

Must have TMC – jesienne, długie kardigany

Monday, 21 September 2020
Kardigany obecne są w modzie od kilku sezonów. Są ciepłe, wygodne i bardzo praktyczne. Nic dziwnego, że zdominowały kolekcje na jesień 2020. W hurtowni odzieży Top Moda Collection znajdziesz bogaty wybór kardiganów damskich w najmodniejszych wzorach i barwach sezonu. Z pewnością znajdziesz u nas modele, które pokochają klientki Twojego butiku.
ABC sprzedaży: Jak stworzyć kolekcję idealną? Podpowiadamy, jak dobrze zaplanować asortyment butiku internetowego

ABC sprzedaży: Jak stworzyć kolekcję idealną? Podpowiadamy, jak dobrze zaplanować asortyment butiku internetowego

Monday, 14 September 2020
Czy można stworzyć kolekcję idealną? Z pewnością zawsze znajdą się produkty, które cieszą się mniejszą popularnością wśród klientek niż inne. Możesz jednak zrobić wszystko, by było jak najwięcej tych, cieszących się dużym zainteresowaniem. Jak to zrobić? Postaraj się poznać kupujących i trafić w ich gusta. Oto kilka zasad przygotowanych, które...

TMC – Online Wholesale Clothing Supplier

Do you run a women's clothing store or perhaps an online boutique? Then the selection of Top Moda Collection's online clothing store is right for you. Our company was established with the needs of our customers in mind. Thanks to TMC you can expand the assortment in your boutique without leaving home. It is really that easy. You simply choose from our extensive clothing selection, place your order, and a courier will deliver the package right to your door. All that is left to do is to display them nicely in your boutique or photograph and publish them on models or virtual hangers. You can place your order in a few minutes at the Top Moda Collection online store. Thanks to us you save time and buy great merchandise at really good prices.

Original designs, high quality fabrics, Polish production

We have a lot of experience in conducting business in the clothing industry. For many years, we have been designing and sewing women's fashion. Thanks to our extensive experience, we were able to create Top Moda Collection and reach an even wider audience through the internet. A unique advantage of TMC clothing is that our clothing stands out from other products available on the market. Firstly, it is sewn with great precision from high quality materials. Polish sewing rooms are known for high quality manufacturing. Additionally, we make sure all designs of TMC clothing reflect current trends, and at the same time are balanced and elegant. We want TMC collections to be synonymous with elegance and femininity, both at work, for special occasions and in everyday life.

Our offer is primarily directed to:

  • Stationary clothing stores
  • Online clothing boutiques
  • Clothing companies

Our merchandise - buy in bulk or individual pieces

The product range in our warehouse is constantly being expanded with new designs. With each coming season, new collections make their debut. We introduce new items well in advance, so that our customers can easily order them for their boutiques. TMC is not only wholesale supplier and manufacturer of dresses, but also of women's shirts, blouses, skirts and trousers. A huge advantage of the Top Moda Collection online wholesale store is that you decide how much clothing to order from us - we can even put a few pieces of clothing into a package. Our website allows you to order a full assortment for your boutique or choose individual clothing pieces that will add variety to your collection.

How to purchase from TMC - Top Moda Collection?

Our proposal is directed to companies. In order to purchase clothing, you will need to create an account. At the stage of registration in the wholesale store you will be required to provide your tax identification number. After logging in, shopping in TMC does not differ in any way from the regular purchases carried out in a regular online store. You add products to your shopping cart and pay for them, after choosing a shipping address. Basic prices of our products are net prices. Most of the clothing from our online wholesale store is available in regular sizes or in one size/oversize versions.

To simplify shopping, we have divided our offer into several categories, among them:

  • Sweaters
  • Dresses
  • Shirts
  • Blouses
  • Sweatshirts
  • Vests
  • T-shirts
  • Blazers
  • Coats
  • Sets
  • Skirts
  • Tunics
  • Tops
  • Trousers
  • Shawls and accessories

Promotions for regular customers: Grab a bargain with TMC

Prices of products offered on our wholesale website are really attractive, taking into account the quality of clothing offered. We make sure that our customers are able to sell all the clothing ordered from TMC at a profit. We also make sure that they can take advantage of additional sale opportunities. With this in mind, we launch periodic promotional campaigns where you can receive an even bigger discount on your total order.  We also invite you to take a look at the "Sale" and "Clearance " sections, where you can grab the hottest bargains.

"New items" and "Bestsellers" - order merchandise that you will sell in the blink of an eye

Wondering which products available on the TMC website sell best? Check out the "Bestsellers" section! There you will find the most popular products which our customers order most often. You’ll find spectacular dresses, elegant skirts, casual pants and eye-catching T-shirts. We are sure these products will also become a hit in your online boutique or a stationary store. We also encourage you to regularly visit the "New Items" tab, where we debut all the latest collections/merchandise. When ordering products from our "New Items" section, you can be sure that you are selecting items in line with latest trends. These are the products that your customers will be looking for soon!